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“I had a dream to reinvent the plastic bottle and was convinced that we had the local know-how and community to support us.” Betty Pilon.

KAT Inc. President, Betty Pilon. President of Montebello packaging for 38+ years, where she organized mass production of aluminum packaging used by L’Oréal, J&J, Pfizer, Glaxo smith Kline – GSK, Ortho McNeil, Taro as well as food grade health products. Hundreds of millions of aluminum containers were produced by Betty’s 5 factories across North America.

 KAT Inc. is a privately owned, family run company in Kingston, Ontario.

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“Our process is smart. Scrap rates are down, changeover time from one customer to the next takes minutes, and small batches are possible. While the advantages of aluminum packaging are undeniable, the existing process to make them is inefficient. We wanted to create a process that would allow anyone, from a startup to a large brand, to work with us.” Betty Pilon, President.


KAT is based on patented technology that creates custom-shaped aluminum bottles which make your product stand out on the shelf, last longer, and reduce your environmental footprint. We call it “Alumishape”. The molds used by the blow molding machine are 3D printed and are cost-effective. The shape is unique and you can design it or let us help you.
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KAT offers custom shaped, branded aluminum bottles in small and large runs.

Use less, and less

Our double patented technology creates a lighter bottle on a 66% smaller production line saving energy and money.


We are the only company in the world doing it this way.


We can custom-shape bottles for your brand which will help you stand out on the shelves.

We can work with you, or our in-house designers can do it for you. Either way, your product will make an impact.

We can offer a variety of fill volumes and bottle sizes.

We make it easy for you. We can help solve your end-to-end packaging needs in a worry-free, efficient manner.

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More Recyclable

Aluminum is more recycled than plastic or glass. Most plastics can only be recycled twice. Aluminum can be recycled repeatedly back into aluminum bottles.

Energy Saving

Our production line requires 1/3 the space a traditional line requires. This means:

80% less VOCs

60% less energy/per bottle

Less Aluminum

KAT bottles require 30% less aluminum than a typical aluminum bottle or can.

KAT Inc. is proudly locally owned and operated in Kingston, ON.

KAT Inc. is licensed by Health Canada and the Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

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