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Q - I am a small startup and only need 20,000 bottles. Can KAT help me?

A – Congratulations on your new venture! Yes. We offer as low as 15,000 units to service your business size.

Q – I see KAT can do artwork, but I’d like to design my bottles. Can I order plain bottles?

A – Certainly. We could supply you with the bottles only, we can provide you with die lines, or we can work as a team to get it branded to your satisfaction. Our goal is to deliver your company a quality product that suits your specific needs.

Q – I have a limited budget for packaging and design. Is KAT for me?

A –KAT has a variety of packaging and design options for you. For example, choosing one of our five standard shapes and coordinating die lines will help save costs. We can let you know what is available for your business needs.

Q – How long does it take for my order to be produced?

A – With a little more information about your business needs, our client services team can provide you with a timeline. We can provide a completed order in in as little as 6 weeks from the purchase order and design being approved. If you only require clear bottles (no branding), we could ship to you sooner. With a summary of your needs, our team will provide you a timeline prior to committing.  

Q – How is KAT different from other aluminum bottle manufacturers?

A – KAT is different in a few ways:

a. KAT holds two patents for technology that allows us to create a lighter bottle on a smaller production line shaped to your brand needs. We are the ONLY company in the world working in this more efficient manner.

b. KAT can run smaller orders for a competitive price. We can run orders as small as 15,000 units to accommodate various business sizes.

c. KAT is proudly located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and runs as a family business.

Q – Can I get a smaller/larger bottle than the ones listed on your website?

A – We presently work within the range of 90ml to 385ml sizes. If you provide additional details about your requirements, we’d be happy to explore and assist you further (Contact us).

Q – Do you have bottles for dry goods?

A – We currently manufacture a 110ml pharmaceutical-style bottle for dry goods.

Q – Do you offer bottle filling and capping?

A – Unfortunately, no. We are working on being able to provide filling and capping in the next 10-12 months. In the meantime, we can offer you some options and suppliers.

Q – What type of options do you provide for closure styles? What are the advantages/disadvantages of each?

A – We provide a diverse selection of closures, including 28 ROPP neck styles (roll-on pilfer-proof caps), crown closures, CT-continuous thread, and CRC-Child Resistant Closures. Additionally, our range includes 38 ROPP neck styles, crown closure options, CT-continuous thread, and CRC-Child Resistant Closures. Finally, we offer a 45mm snap top specifically designed for our pill bottles.

ROPPs are designed to be tamper-evident, re-closeable, and provide an affordable option. ROPPs also provide branding opportunities.

Crown closures use less raw material and provide a secure option for your product.

Continuous thread is an uninterrupted spiraling thread that can be easily sealed and resealed.

CRC-Child resistant caps are used to prevent children from accidentally ingesting harmful substances.

Q- What beverages/products can I put in the bottles?

A – All availability of beverages from wine, water, alcohol, and nutraceuticals. All product types must be tested for shelf life and liner compatibility, but at KAT, we perform internal testing for conductivity on all our bottles. We use a PPG internal liner, approved by the FDA.  

Q- Can I split my order? For example, I want to order 15K and have five different labels at 3k each.

A – We can split orders based on different designs and labels. The costs for different sleeve designs and bottle designs would be factored into the final costing. There would be set up costs for printing for each version of course. 

Q- Can you supply specifications for liners/over varnish/labels?

A – Yes. As part of our process and services, we can supply you with all the specifications related to only the liner. The other items are proprietary.

Q- What is the shelf life of the filled product?

A- The customer is responsible for all stability testing, but we do perform conductivity tests as part of our manufacturing process

Q- What is the pH standard for the liner?

A- The standard pH is approx. 2.1 to 7.4. The customer is responsible for all stability testing.

Q- Where are these aluminum bottles produced?

A – Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Q- Where do you purchase your Aluminum raw materials?

A – Our raw material supplier uses worldwide sources of the aluminum ingot. 


Q – What are the advantages of aluminum?

A – Aluminum is 100% recyclable, and unlike plastic or glass, it can be recycled repeatedly into its original state. Weighing significantly less than glass, aluminum saves you money on shipping. The materials is also formable, and protective from moisture and oxygen which can cause spoiling. 

Q – Why are KAT bottles the best choice in the aluminum bottling industry?

A – We proudly produce our bottles using 30% less aluminum and do so on a production line that is 1/3rd smaller than our competitors. This means 80% fewer VOCs and 60% less energy per bottle. To find out more, please visit our sustainability section.


Q – Can KAT do my bottle design?

A – Yes. You can brief our team with a sketch on a napkin or a formal brief, or we can work with your branding elements to develop something together. We can design your bottle shape and artwork from start to finish. Or we can do one or the other. We are comfortable working with creative agencies as well as individual business stakeholders.

Q – Ok, I’d like to do my own design, but I’m not sure my graphics team will be able to execute a shaped bottle design without help.

A – We want your bottle to look amazing too. Our technical team reviews all files before the sleeves go into production. They are experienced with 3D manipulation software and we continuously test any new shapes to ensure a great outcome. 

Q – How are the bottles branded?
A – Currently we offer shrink sleeves that provide a wide array of colors, textures, and treatments. We also offer custom embossing, debossing, and pressure-sensitive labels, each of these options ensure your product stands out on the shelves.
Q – Am I responsible for reviewing my artwork on local liquor and gaming boards?

A – Yes. At KAT, we understand local regulations and label requirements well, but we are not experts in all regions and countries. Therefore, your company’s responsibility is to ensure the artwork meets all the legal and government guidelines in your distribution areas.


Q - Do you have a rate card?

A – We do. Please contact us to review your specific quantities, design, and close needs.

Q - Can I buy a prototype only?

A – Yes. We can make a completed prototype for your brand if required. As part of our design process, we provide a 3D model online for your review/approval process.


Q - What are my payment options?

A – Our new customers are required to submit full payment upon order confirmation. Please reach out to our sales team with any additional questions. A credit application must be completed.


Q – How are the bottles packed and shipped? What are my shipping options?

A – We supply detailed shipping specs upon ordering. You are responsible for arranging to ship. We would be responsible for all packaging and wrapping at our facility and the amount if product per pallet depends on your bottle shape and size. We use 42” x 48” pallets and our boxes are 16” x 24” x 4” with approximately 80 bottles per box. This allows us to fit roughly 2050 bottles per pallet. 

Q – Do you ship internationally?

A – Yes, we will prepare your shipment for international deliveries.

Q- Who arranges the shipping?

A – We would prepare the packaging labels, and you would arrange to ship them.